Trasferta parigina

Trasferta parigina per il team di Winners Management. Con il nostro nuovo collaboratore Mister Thierno Ba sul campo comunale “George Collet De Palaiseau” per guardare i nostri futuri atleti.

Partnership con Accademia Bloc 16

Winners Management, dopo essersi insediata in Costa d’Avorio con un accordo quinquennale con il Bouake FC Club della massima divisione del campionato Ivoriano, ‘sbarca’ anche in Senegal con partnership importanti con la federazione calcio nazionale ed il Ministero dello Sport partendo da una delle Accademie più importanti attive nelle periferie di Dakar l’Accademia Bloc 16.

Winners Management partner del Bouakè FC

Winners Management sbarca ufficialmente in Costa D’avorio come nuovo partner del Bouakè FC. Manager e collaboratori di Winners Management hanno presenziato alla partita di campionato di Liga 1 con il WAC D’Adjame, vinta con una bella prestazione dal Bouakè FC per 2-3. Prima grande soddisfazione per Winners Management e il Bouakè FC, con il Presidente […]

Full immersion in Milan

Two weeks with Milano City FC. Italian experience for Leonardo Renner who was able to enjoy a Serie D reality organized like that of Milan City FC to take his first steps in European football. 15 days of intense work to better understand dynamics, technical details and habits that are different from those of Brazil. […]

Renner is coming

Winners Management calls Renner, Renner answers this. Leonardo Glashorester Renner is about to arrive in Italy. Thanks to WM, the Brazilian goalkeeper from next week will be able to show off to try climbing the big European football. Renner, born in 1999, is a talented and prosperous young man who could appeal to several big […]

South America’s Tour

Two months in South America for the Technical Directos of Winners Management Mariano Fernandez. Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay the stages of the business trip of Fernardez who took advantage of these 60 days to do high-level scouting. In fact, our Technical Director has returned home with many new talents of high quality and perspective.

New entry: Manicone in WM

The WM platform broadens its horizons. A new, young partner is starting from today to work for the European area. Tommaso Manicone, a sparkling and competent agent, will focus in particular on Switzerland and Italy.